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Textiles for fashion portfolio

My fourth year self directed project focused on the elder generation of Aberdeen, particularly focusing on portraits of the face through images that I had captured. After gaining access into a sheltered housing estate in Aberdeen, I collected a range of incredible images of the residents, additionally with being able to question and document their life and upbringing. I focused on developing and experimenting with different textile approaches, narrowing it down to specialise on embroidery.  I wanted to showcase the contrast between the pensioners that I had interviewed and the current modern trends that surround me. Throughout, I placed subjects together, which would not normally belong with each other, to establish the contrast and create a humorous approach. With our everyday situations changing throughout my studies due to Coronavirus, I felt it would be beneficial to incorporate this in my project, portraying the raw and pure reality in a different light. I wanted to maintain the strong characters throughout my project, by using older women who are not afraid of making a statement within fashion as my models. I felt that this continues my desired approach and showcases my target audience for my work.

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Melissa McLaren

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